-Is CrossFit only for people who are already fit?

Definitely not, one very important idea to keep in mind is that you don’t have to be in shape to get in shape. CrossFit is scalable. Scaling is taking a movement and altering it to fit the needs of an individual (any individual).

For example, if “Athlete A” isn’t able to perform a pushup with their legs fully extended, they could perform the push up from their knees. On the flip side, if “Athlete B” is very efficient with pushups, weight may be added. In either case, pushups may be scaled up or down so both athletes are challenged but not asked to do something impossible.

Most CrossFitters (people who regularly work out at a CrossFit gym) were regular people who, through hard work and dedication, made themselves better than average. To simplify things, if you show up and don’t quit, you will get the results you’re after.