-Why does it cost so much?

Are you wondering why we charge $139 per month for our unlimited membership while most “Globo-Gyms” charge anywhere from $10-$50?   While it may seem like a “gym membership is a gym membership,” Copperhead CrossFit is different.

A typical day…


Copperhead CrossFit

-Workout alone on boring machines doing the same routines. -Workout with a qualified, enthusiastic coach performing fun, functional movements.
-Other members all have their headphones in and flex in the mirror. -Other members talk with you, laugh with you, and encourage you.
-Get minimal (if any) results.  Get frustrated.  Quit after two months. -Get real results. Get hooked.  Never look back.

Aside from the community atmosphere, we offer a different service.  Our coaches correct, encourage and congratulate each and every one of our members through every single workout.  Our group classes are much more similar to having your own personal trainer than they are to just having a membership at a Globo-Gym.

If you compare our unlimited membership to a typical group rate with a personal trainer, you’ll see the value.


Personal trainer group rate

Copperhead CrossFit

3 workouts per week ($25 per workout)

UNLIMITED workouts per week

$300 per month

$139 per month


Still don’t think you can afford it?  Realize that dinner and a movie for two is easily over $50.  A night out drinking and dancing can end up costing even more.  If you skip two of these per month, you’ll be good to go.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “what else would you rather spend the money on?”  What is more important than your health and wellness?  Would you rather drink a few six packs, or have one under your shirt?  Would you rather spend money on blood pressure medication, insulin, and co-payments or your Copperhead CrossFit membership?

The bottom line is, we are not cheap but we are definitely worth it.