Member spotlight – Melissa Hoffman

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On any given weekday evening you can find Melissa laughing through the hardest workouts and lifting some seriously heavy weight.  Since joining, she’s been the picture of consistency and her progress is a testament to that.  Her journey is inspirational and we’re very glad to have her at Copperhead.


Where are you from, Originally?  If Phoenix, what kept you here?
I’m a born and raised Phoenician.  The weather! Sure it’s insanely hot in the summer and you can burn your hands on the steering wheel if you’re not careful, BUT at least we don’t have hurricanes, huge earthquakes, or tornadoes. Running the A/C while Christmas shopping is weird, yes, but I will take it over shoveling snow for hours.

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?
I like to travel and more specifically I like to travel to see concerts. My favorite band is Taking Back Sunday and I have been all over the US to see them. It is fun to explore all of these cities and meet other people that like the band because then we find other things we have in common. I now have friends in many states thanks to that band.

How long have you been at Copperhead?
I have been at Copperhead for 9 months!!

What was your motivation for starting?
I have been struggling with my weight since high school. I had become used to being the big girl. I had tried diets and exercises before only to fall off the wagon within weeks. The drive thru was my best friend. This past Spring I was actually traveling to shows and realized I wasn’t fitting in the jeans I packed. The photos I took with the friends I was melissa with bandmaking showed me at the biggest I had ever been. Adam Lazzara, the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday had been doing CrossFit himself with incredible results so I figured it worked for him maybe it would work for me. After discussing with him and talking to Mark O’Connell, the drummer, I realized I needed to do it. After telling them I knew I was on the hook. My family and friends didn’t bat an eye when I would give up on another diet, but I knew that with these guys I would make a fool of myself if I didn’t follow through. Their words of encouragement and their results inspired and motivated me in the beginning, they have continued to be supportive since then, and I’ve kept them updated on my progress. As time has gone on I have motivated myself through the results I have seen in the progress photos I’ve taken. Now I am focused on getting more results.

melissa progressWhat fitness-related accomplishment are you most proud of?
I am happy that I can look down now and see my feet. When I started my squat involved sitting on a bench because that was all I could do and I had never lifted weights. I can now back squat 165 lbs. and deadlift 255lbs, I have done one handstand and discovered I am pretty good at rowing. Any time I can do a WOD at RX I celebrate because it wasn’t too long ago that I would finish a majority of the WOD’s last or had to “Fisher Price” the workout so that I can even participate. It was hard and yes there were some tears especially when I would finish another WOD last, but this is the longest I have ever stayed in a routine without quitting and I see no end in sight.


Do you have any advice for new members?
The beginning will be hard. You will be convinced you’re dying at times. In fact, that is all I would say for the first couple of months. “I’m dying” was my catch phrase. But the truth is you’re not dying, you’re starting to live a better life. Copperhead has great coaches that will teach you what you need to know to do the best and be successful at working out. They, as well as fellow CrossFitters at Copperhead, are among the most supportive and encouraging people I have ever met. They ooze positivity. Getting in shape will be a long hard road, but you can do it. You’re not alone. Don’t stop.


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