Supertotal Competition, 2015




In a weightlifting or powerlifting meet, your “total” is the sum of your heaviest successful lifts.  A Supertotal is a combination of your weightlifting total (max snatch and max clean & jerk) and your powerlifting total (max back squat, max bench press, and max deadlift).


Saturday December 12th, 2015.  This will take all day so regular classes will be cancelled.


We’ll be running this like a standard weightlifting or powerlifting meet, but a bit more relaxed.  Each person will have three attempts at each lift.  We’ll have a women’s session and a men’s session for each lift.  What that means is that all of the women will perform their lifts in the snatch, then all of the men will go.  This will continue for each of the movements.

Although this is mainly just going to a loosely regulated bro-session, we’ll still be crowning some winners.  Best lifters will be determined by bodyweight/weight lifted ratio and most weight lifted regardless of bodyweight.Lifters may compete in as few or as many of the lifts as they choose.

We’ll be following up with more info on the specifics but coaches Craig, Dave, and Mitch all have experience in this type of meet and they’d be happy to answer any questions.


Well, why not?!  We’ve done another in-house competition in the past and it was a great time.  You’ll get a chance to re-test your maxes in a positive environment with your friends cheering you on.  Plus, if you’ve ever considered entering a meet, this will be a great way to test the waters without diving in head first.


Sign up on the board at the gym.  We’ll see you on the platform!

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