Updates, March 2018

Along with the new and improved physical space, we’re changing a few other things around the gym.  Take a look below and check out some of  the big bullet points below.

Schedule changes

Starting Monday, March 5th our new schedule takes effect.  The evening classes are shifting to start on the half hour starting at 4:30.  We’re adding 5:30am classes on Tuesday and Thursday so we’ll have a morning class on every weekday.  There will also be midday open gym everyday except Saturday.  These changes were made with you guys in mind so we hope that they make things a little easier on you. 


Referral Program

We feel like you guys are our best form of advertising and we want to reward you for your efforts.  Every time you refer a new member to the gym, you’ll get a $99 credit on your membership dues the following month. 

THE FINE PRINT: They must say that you referred them on the first day that they come in and write your name on their contract.

OUR gym

There has been a lot of time and effort $pent on improving the gym over the last couple of months.  We feel like you’re a special group and that you deserve a special place to call “your gym.”  We’re very proud of how it’s turned out and we really hope you guys are too.  That being the case, it would mean a whole lot to us if the little things were taken care of.  Little things like putting away the equipment that you use.  Throwing trash into the trash can (even the tiny blue pieces of plastic off of the water bottle cap that we find on the floor all the time).  Taking an extra minute to help a new member feel welcome. 

We know that brain function isn’t always 100% after a workout and slip ups are bound to happen.  Any extra effort to try to get these small things taken care of will help keep the running like a well oiled machine. 


We’re excited about this new direction and we hope you guys are too.  Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  We’ll see you in the gym.

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