6.26.17 – 7.1.17

Monday: 6.26.17

10x Back squat
Try to improve on 6.7.17.


7 Minute amrap of:
14x Wall ball shots 20/14#
14x American kettlebell swings 55/35#

Tuesday: 6.27.17

On the minute for 8 minutes (4 rounds of each):
Even: 6-8x Strict dips
Odd: 6-8x Strict pull ups, chest to bar if at all possible

Add assistance or additional weight to make sure that you can comfortably stay within the rep range with good form.


10-8-6-4-2 Reps for time of:
Hang power cleans 115/75#
Push press 115/75# (not shoulder to overhead)
Burpees over the bar

Wednesday: 6.28.17

Mainsite WOD 170614
In front of a clock set for 12 minutes:
1 minute of double-unders
1 minute of alternating single arm dumbbell snatches 55/35#
2 minutes of double-unders
2 minutes of alternating single arm dumbbell snatches
3 minutes of double-unders
3 minutes of alternating single arm dumbbell snatches

Record total double unders and total snatches across all 12 minutes as a single score.  If the snatches have tweaked your back in the past (and you know that it wasn’t due to you trading sound form for a higher score), you might consider going from the hang on these.

Thursday: 6.29.17

On the minute for 21 minutes (7 rounds at each station):
Station 1: 12/9 Cals on air bike
Station 2: 3x Burpee ring muscle up
Station 3: 3x Squat snatch

Choose your a weight on the snatches that allows for consistency and minimal (if any) misses across all 7 rounds.  This should be in neighborhood of 75-85% of your 1rm if you know it.   On the burpee ring muscle ups, your arms must be straight hanging from the rings before initiating the muscle up portion of the movement.  Drop the rings or scale to burpee ring pull ups as needed.

Friday: 6.30.17

Handstand skill work


3 Rounds, each for time of:
32′ Handstand walk (16′ + 16′)
12x Toes to bar
4+4+4x Double kettlebell deadlift 70/55# in each hand (16′ farmer’s walk between each set of 4)
Rest at least 5 minutes between sets

For those of you who can handstand walk, today we’ll be using hand position as a distance marker.  No cartwheeling to get across the finish line, your hands need to get there.

Saturday: 7.1.17

10 Rounds for time of:
300/200m Row or 500/350m air bike
5x Box jump overs 30/24″
10x Back step lunges holding a single 35/25# kettlebell (5 per leg)
5x Handstand push ups

Alternate rower and bike each round.