3.30.2020 – 4.4.2020

Monday: 3.30.2020

5 Rounds for time of
400m Run (or approx 1:00 out then turn back)
100′ handstand walk > shorter distance hs walk > cartwheels > bear crawls
20 Alternating dumbbell clean and jerk (10 per side)


Tuesday: 3.31.2020

4-5 Giant sets
10 Split squats, elevate rear foot if possible
10 Hip thrusts, single leg if possible
10 Split squats, elevate rear foot if possible (opposite leg)
10 Hip thrusts, single leg if possible (opposite leg)
10x One-and-a-quarter squats (jump at the top if these are easy)

A giant set is to be moved through with minimal rest.  Rest after the last set as needed.


Wednesday: 4.1.2020

12 Minutes with a partner
Partner A: 8 Devil’s press
Partner B: 200m Run (approximately 0:30 out and back)

We want to encourage you guys to stay connected while responsibly social distancing.  There are tons of options to do a workout like this together “virtually.”  FaceTime, zoom, and skype are some of the more popular options.  You could even just run off screen and rest if you felt so compelled :O


Thursday: 4.2.2020

For time
100 Double unders
50 Rows
Accumulate 2:00 in an L-sit > hollow hold > plank
50 Dips
100 Double unders


Friday: 4.3.2020

6 Rounds for time with dumbbells of
12 Deadlifts
9 Power cleans
6 Shoulder to overheads (strict press if light, push jerk or push press if heavy)
100′ Carry anyhow (farmer’s carry or on shoulders is ok, approximately 20 steps out and back)


Saturday: 4.4.2020

Support your local box home competition 


10 minute amrap of

10 Air squats 

9 Single arm snatches, right

10 Push ups

9 Single arm snatches, left