12.11.17 – 12.16.17

Monday: 12.11.17

Max rep Bench press at a weight of your choosing
Choose a weight and perform as many unbroken reps as possible.  We’ll be retesting in 6-8 weeks so we’re looking for a baseline today.  In the NFL combine athletes will rep out 225# but choose a weight that you can hit at least 5 reps with today.  Use a spotter.


For time
3x Strict pull ups
6x Russian kettlebell swings 70/55#
6/4 Cals on air bike

6x Strict pull ups
12x Russian kettlebell swings 70/55#
12/8 Cals on air bike

9x Strict pull ups
18x Russian kettlebell swings 70/55#
18/12 Cals on air bike


Tuesday: 12.12.17

Kipping skill work
Hollow/superman on floor
Hollow/superman hanging from bar
Kipping pull up or c2b pull up or toes to bar or bar muscle up
Pull up/c2b pull up/toes to bar/bar muscle up complex consisting of 2-3 of the aforementioned movements combined unbroken


15 Minute amrap of
30x Double unders
15x Power snatches 95/65#
30x Double unders
15x Toes to bar

Wednesday: 12.13.17

On the minute for 8 mintues (4 rounds of each)
Even minutes: 8x Stiff legged deadlifts
Odd minutes: 4-6x Strict handstand push ups or 8-10x Double dumbbell strict shoulder press


8 Minute amrap of
4x Speed burpee kettlebell deadlifts 55/35#
20m Farmer’s carry, right hand 55/35#
8x American kettlebell swings 55/35#
20m Farmer’s carry, left hand 55/35#

Thursday: 12.14.17

5-5-5-5x Back squat
Perform a set every 2 minutes for 8 minutes.  If you were here on 12.5.17, try to use the same, or more weight.


6o second amrap of
30x Single unders
40′ Sled push 90/45# additional weight, high handles
3x Bar muscle ups
40′ Sled push 90/45# additional weight, low handles 

Rest at least 5 minutes and repeat for 3 sets.  Record total reps across all three sets (each 40′ sled push equals 1 rep).

Friday: 12.15.17

10 Minute amrap of
12x Wall ball shots 20/14#
12′ Handstand walk
12x Box jump overs 24/20″
12′ Handstand walk


Flex Friday
Shoulder smoker

Saturday: 12.16.17

CrossFit Mainsite WOD 171206
4 Rounds for time of
400m Run
30x Push press 65/45#
20x Jumping chest to bar pull ups

Do your best to set yourself up so that the pull ups bar is at your wrist when you extend your arms over head (yes, you can touch the bar while standing on the ground for RX).  These movements are meant to be lighter and “easier” than normal so that you can go all out.  Do not scale up and do not underestimate this one.