10..17 – 10.21.17

Monday: 10.16.17

On the minute for 8 minutes (4 sets of each)
Even minutes: 6-10x Kipping front lever attempts (aka “hollow – superman”s)
Odd minutes: 6x Standing broad jumps for distance


8 Minute amrap of
10x Russian kettlebell swings 70/55#
20m Farmer’s carry, right hand, same bell (10m+10m)
10x Push ups
20m Farmer’s carry, left hand, same bell (10m+10m)

Tuesday: 10.17.17

1x High hang snatch pull (hip) + 1x hang snatch high pull (above the knee) + 1x Power snatch (floor)
Do no drop the bar between the first two reps (the hang pulls).  Perform the complex on the minute for 5 minutes.  Take a few minutes to work up to an appropriate starting weight. Keep weight changes to a minimum as you’ll probably want to utilize the rest as much as possible.  Score is lightest successful weight and heaviest successful weight added together.

The goal here is to work on getting as much out of the pull as possible before getting under the bar.  As is usually the case, use this time to focus on technique and not chasing weights.  Catch the bar with locked elbows and your feet in the proper position using a weight that facilitates that.


6 Minute amrap
6x Power sntach 95/65# (or 70% from earlier, whichever is lighter)
4x Step back overhead lunge with the same bar (2 per leg)

Wednesday: 10.18.17

5-5-5-5x front squats
Rest no more than two minutes from the end of one set to the start of the next.   Try to use the same weight that you hit on 10.9.17.  These squats are the focus today to make sure to give it everything you’ve got.


4 Rounds for time of
40x Double unders
20x Air squats
10x Power cleans 95/65#

Thursday: 10.19.17

18 Minute amrap of
3x Bar muscle ups
10x Deadlifts 185/125# (or 50% of your 1rm, whichever is lighter)
6/4 Cals on air bike

Friday: 10.20.17

12-6-3x Bench press
In 15 minutes or less, complete the sets listed in the order listed.  You may take multiple attempts per set, but you may not go back once you’ve moved on.  Record the sum of the heaviest successful weights used on each rep count  (heaviest 12 + heaviest 6 + heaviest 3). 


8 Minute amrap of
12x Wall ball shots 20/14#
12x American kettlebell swings 55/35#
48x Double unders

Saturday: 10.21.17

2x TnG power cleans + 1x Push press + 1x Push jerk
In 8 minutes or less, build up to a moderately heavy weight for this complex.  The weight you complete should be heavier than weight you use on the metcon.  Complete all four reps without resting the bar on the floor.


Mainsite WOD 170111
On a 15-minute clock, for max reps each round:

From 0:00-3:00
Run 400 meters then max pull-ups with remaining time

Rest 1 minute

From 4:00-7:00
Run 400 meters then max clean and jerks 155/105# with remaining time

Rest 1 minute

From 8:00-11:00
Run 400 meters then max pull-ups with remaining time

Rest 1 minute

From 12:00-15:00
Run 400 meters then max clean and jerks 155/105# with remaining time