1.13.20 – 1.18.20

Monday: 1.13.20

5×5 Back squats
Try to improve upon last week.  Record heaviest set and sum of successful sets.


3 x 2:00 Rounds
15/10 Cals on air bike
Max Russian kettlebell swings with remaining time at 55/35#
Rest exactly 2:00 between rounds

Score is highest and lowest amount of swings in a single round.  Consistency is the goal.

Tuesday: 1.14.20

Every 1:30 for 5 sets (6:30 total)
1x 3-stop segmented clean deadlift (1″off floor, above the knee, mid thigh) +
1x Hang power clean from above the knee +
1x Push Press
1x Push jerk

Record heaviest set and sum of successful sets

3 Sets on the minute
Start at 0:00
5x Deadlift, touch-n-go + lockout hold for remainder of time up to 0:30, rest for second half of the minute.
Use heaviest successful weight from the clean complex earlier.

Today is indented to be a heavy lifting day.  We’ve done these in the past with success but we know that some people won’t feel complete without some cardio.  The above barbell work is plenty for one day but if you’d like more, below is optional.

3 Rounds, not for time of
500/400m air bike
20/15 Cal row
200m Run or 10 burpees

Wednesday: 1.15.20

For time
30/20 Cal Row
20′ Handstand walk (scale to 20’x3 bear crawl)
60 Double unders
20 Single arm alternating dumbbell snatches 55/35# (10 per arm)
30 Wall ball shots 20/14#
20 Single arm alternating dumbbell snatches 55/35# (10 per arm)
60 Double unders
30′ Single arm overhead walking lunge with snatch weight, right hand
30′ Single arm overhead walking lunge with snatch weight, left hand
30/20 Cal air bike
20 minute time cap

Flip the order of the bike and row as needed, but keep the handstand walk first and lunges last.

Thursday: 1.16.20

14 Minute (0:00-13:59) amrap with a partner of
2x Rope climb
20 Cal row
30x Sit up

Then, without a break

2 Minute (14:00-15:59) amrap
American kettlebell swings 55/35#

On the first amrap, partners can switch whenever they’d like, but each partner must complete one rope climb (or scaled movement) per round.

The second amrap begins immediately at 14:00 minutes.  One partner will begin the kettlebell swings while the other rests.  Partners may switch whenever they’d like.  Score is total reps for the pair.  Sub Russian (chest height) swings if shoulder mobility is lacking.

Friday: 1.17.20

10 Rep max front squat
Bar starts on the floor, 15 minutes or less.


6 Minute amrap
10x Shoulder to overhead 105/75#
10x Pull up

Saturday: 1.18.20

3-2-1 Deadlift
In 15 minutes or less, build to moderately heavy sets in the order listed.  It’ll be early and cold so don’t plan on getting too crazy here.  Aim to hit no more than 90% of your 1rm, even if you’re feeling good.  This is not a max out day.


8 Rounds for time of
1 Deadlift 365/255# (or heaviest single from earlier)
6 Toes to bar
8 Burpees over the bar (even minutes) or 8/6 air bike cals (odd minutes)
19 minute time cap

If you miss a deadlift, even once, you should probably lower the weight.

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