1.23.17 – 1.28.17

Monday: 1.23.17


1x Squat clean + 1x Front squat
In 12 minutes or less, build to a heavy single of the movements listed. 


4-8-12-16-12-8-4 Unbroken reps of:
Toes to bar
Front squat 135/95# (or no more than 60% of heaviest from earlier, whichever is lighter)


If at all possible, perform each set of toes to bar without dropping off of the rig and each set of front squats without dropping the bar.

Tuesday: 1.24.17


1x Push jerk + 1x Split jerk
Pause for two seconds in the receiving position of both movements.  Plan on staying conservative here and focusing on technique.  Any missteps while catching the bar means that that set does not count.


8 Minute amrap of:
12x Power cleans 95/65#
9x Push press* 95/65#
6x Burpees over the bar

*These are not “shoulder to overhead” today.  Dip, drive and do not re-dip as the bar is locked out overhead.

Wednesday: 1.25.17


2x Touch n go power snatch with no foot movement
Start with the feet in the receiving position and do not move them until the set is complete.  This drill can be used for a multitude of reasons.  Today it will be to discourage jumping out too wide. 


For time:
10x Power snatches 135/95# (or heaviest from earlier, whichever is lighter)
30/25 Cal row
20x Power snatch 95/65#
30/25 Cal air bike
30x Power snatch 75/55#


Thursday: 1.26.17


CrossFit Games Open WOD 15.3
14-Minute AMRAP of:
7x Ring muscle-ups
50x Wall-Ball Shots, 20#/14#
100x Double unders


Friday: 1.27.17


In teams of two, complete the following

10 Minute amrap of:
2000/1700/1400m Row (male team/mixed team/female team)
Max power cleans with remaining time 185/125#
Each power clean is one point toward your score.

Rest 2 minutes, then

8 Minute amrap of:
1x Rope climb
49x Double unders
Partners alternate full rounds.  Every 10 reps is equal to 2 “points” toward your score.  Said another way, each round is worth 10 points. This is all or nothing so 9 or less is no points.

Rest 4 minutes, then

6 Minute amrap of:
Partner A: Burpee to plate
Partner B: Plank hold (must be held in proper position for burpees to count)
Partners may switch whenever they’d like.  Each burpee is worth one point.


Saturday: 1.28.17


1x Weighted dip
In 15 minutes or less, work to the heaviest weighted bar dip possible.


4 Rounds for time of:
10x American kettlebell swings 70/55#
30x Ab mat sit ups
400m Run


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