10.29.18 – 11.3.18

Monday: 10.29.18

1x Snatch
In 12:00 or less, build to a heavy single.  Compare to 11.30.17


For time
15 Bar muscle ups
20 Lateral burpees over the bar
20/15 Cals on the rower

This is intended to be a sprint.  Choose weights/reps/cals that allow you to finish each movement in 2:00 or less.

Tuesday: 10.30.18

1x Clean and jerk
In 15:00 or less, build to a heavy single.  Compare to 12.1.17


Modified CrossFit Mainsite WOD 181023
7 Minute amrap of
20 Single arm dumbbell push press (10 per hand, alternating hands every 5 reps) 50/35#
40 Double unders

Wednesday: 10.31.18


“The revenge of Jason Voorhees”
From 0:00-1:59

400 m run
Starting at 2:00, on the minute up to 12:00:
2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 reps of:
American kettlebell swing at 55/35#

Throughout this workout/chase the athlete will be pursued by a slow and deliberate Jason Voorhees (played by the timer). Jason will move at a predictable pace and it’s the athletes’ job to outlast him. We’ll begin with a run that the athlete has 2+ minutes to complete (you won’t need a whole minute for the first set of swings/burpees).   After that, the workout changes pace and becomes a “death-by” workout. Each minute, the athlete must fight off Jason (perform a kettlebell swing) and trip/get back up (perform a burpee). The rep count of each movement coincides with minute of the “death-by.” For example, in minute 2 the athletes must perform 2 reps of each movement. In minute 5, athletes must perform 5 reps of each movement. If you find that you can’t finish the reps within the minute, that means you have been caught by Jason. If you make it all the way through round 12, you have survived. Your score does not include the run.

Then, time permitting

8-8-6x Back squat
Use the same, or more weight that you did on 10.15.18 if possible.

Thursday: 11.1.18

Pull up test
-Max unbroken (without dropping off of the bar) unassisted, kipping or strict
-Max unassisted in 1:00, dropping allowed
-Max seated in 1:00


6 Minute amrap of
200m Run
20 Strict press 95/65#
200m Run
20 Push press 115/75#
200m Run
Max shoulder to overhead with remaining time 135/85#

Friday: 11.2.18

3 Rounds, each for time of
60′ (30+30) Farmers carry, heavy
60′ (30+30) Slamball carry, heavy
30′ Sled drag 180/135# additional weight
30′ Sled push 180/135# additional weight

Rest at least 5 minutes between rounds.  Choose weights that allow you to finish near, or under, 1:00


Optional cash-out of 2:00 accumulated of banded marching


Saturday: 11.3.18

5 Minute amrap of
400m run buy-in
Then, with remaining time
20 Push ups
20 Air squats
20 Russian kettlebell swings 55/35#

Rest 5 minutes, then

5 Minute amrap of
400m run buy-in
Then, with remaining time
15 Push ups
15 Air squats
15 Russian kettlebell swings

Rest 5 minutes, then

5 Minute amrap of
400m run buy-in
Then, with remaining time
10 Push ups
10 Air squats
10 Russian kettlebell swings


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