10.9.17 – 10.14.17

Monday: 10.9.17

5-5-5x Front squat
Use the same weight for all 3 sets.  Rest no more than 2 minutes between sets.  If you completed last week’s 1rm clean and jerk on 10.4.17, aiming for a weight that’s near 90% of your 1x clean and jerk.


6 Minute amrap of
8x American kettlebell swings 55/35#
10m Farmer’s carry, right arm 55/35#
8x Kettlebell clean and jerk (4 per arm, alternating is not necessary) 55/35#
10m Farmer’s carry, left arm 55/35#

Tuesday: 10.10.17

Gymnastics skill session
Handstand walk
Ring muscle up


In 1:30
15/10 Cals on rower
20′ Handstand walk
Max ring muscle ups with remaining time

Rest for 3 minutes and repeat for 3 rounds. If performing the handstands RX, both hands must make it across the 20′ line before the feet touch the ground (the feet do not need to be across the line).  Record total muscle ups across all three rounds and any modifications.

Wednesday: 10.11.17

12 Rounds with a partner of
4x Burpee box jump overs (not box facing)
8x Dumbbell snatch (4 per arm) 50/35#
400/250m Air bike

Alternate full rounds with your partner (6 rounds per partner).  You do not need to alternate hands on each rep of the dumbbell snatches today, but you may if you’d prefer.

Thursday: 10.12.17

1x Snatch balance + 2x overhead squats
In 10 minutes or less, build up to a heavy “single” of the complex listed.  Perform all three reps without dropping the barbell.  The goal today is to work toward improving mobility and stability in the bottom position of the squat snatch.


10 Minute amrap of
10x Bar dips
30x Double unders
40m Shuttle sprint (10m x4)

Friday: 10.13.17

Mainsite WOD 171006
15-12-9 Reps for time of
Power cleans 135/85#
Thrusters 135/85#
7:00 time cap


Flex Friday

Saturday: 10.14.17

3 Rounds of
9x Deadlifts 225/155# (or 60% of 1rm, whichever is lighter)
6x Burpees over the bar

Then immediately into

3 Rounds of
9x Wall ball shots
6x Bar muscle ups

Then immediately into

1 Round of
300/200m Row
500/400m Air bike
400m Run

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