11.4.19 -11.9.19

Monday: 11.4.19


3-3-3x Back squat
In 12 minute or less, work to three sets of three reps at the same weight.


6 Round for time of
6 Power snatches 96/65#
6 Thrusters with the same bar

Tuesday: 11.5.19


15 Minute amrap of
3 Bar muscle ups
15 Box jump overs 24/20″ (step overs are fine)
30 Double unders
450m Air bike

Wednesday: 11.6.19


5x Bench press
In 10 minutes or less, build up to a heavy set of five.  Bring the bar to a complete stop on the chest on each rep today.  No bouncing.


For time
500/350m Row
10x Med ball load to 60/54″ platform
3:00 time cap

Choose a distance on the rower that you can finish in less than 2:00.  Err on the side of a ball that’s too heavy, as long as you can lift it safely. 


Thursday: 11.7.19


Every 2 minutes for 18 minutes (3 rounds of each)
Station 1: 15/12 Cal row +  20′ handstand walk
Station 2: 12/9 Cal air bike + 20x American kettlebell swings 55/35#
Station 3: Run a lap around the parking lot + 15x Russian twists per side 14/10# medball, feet elevated if possible

Start station 1 at 0:00, station 2 at 2:00, and so on.


Friday: 11.9.19

CrossFit Open 20.5

Saturday 11.9.19


TBA dependent on 20.5

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