12.2.19 – 12.7.19

Monday: 12.2.19


Half “Cindy”
10 Minute amrap of:
5x Pull ups
10x Push ups
15x Air squats

Then after sufficient rest,

Core cool down 

Tuesday: 12.3.19


4-3-2x Deadlift
In 15 minutes or less, complete the sets listed above (in order) with the heaviest weight possible.  Record the sum of the three completed sets.


9 Minute amrap with a partner of:
Partner A: 10 Cals on air bike
Partner B: 40x Double unders

Both partners work at the same time and switch stations when both partners are finished.

Wednesday: 12.4.19


5x Touch n go push press + static overhead hold
Unrack the barbell and at 0:00, start performing the push presses.  You may rest the bar overhead but the bar must be touch n go off of the shoulders.  You may perform 5 quick reps and hold overhead until 0:30 on the clock or you may hold for top position for a few seconds after each rep.  Either way, do not rest the bar back on the shoulders until at least 30 seconds has passed from the start of the first rep.  Make sure these are not push jerks and avoid arching your back.  Use 10 minutes or less to find the heaviest weight you can safely use.


3-6-9-12 reps of:
Burpees over the bar
Thrusters 95/65#
6:00 time cap

This is intended to be a fast, all out sprint.  The weight on the thrusters should be such that you are able to go unbroken on each set.

Thursday: 12.5.19


Every 2:00 for 8 rounds, alternating between A and B (4 rounds of each, 16 minutes total)
A: 10x Box jumps 30/24″ + 20x Single arm kettlebell swings, alternating 35/25#
B: 10x Toes through rings + 15/10 Cals on rower

Station A will start at 0, 4, 8, and 12 minutes and station B will start at 2, 6, 10, and 14 minutes.  If you can’t finish within two minutes, finish the current round and take the next round off to rest.

Then at 16:00,

1 round for time of
10x Box jumps 30/24″
20x Single arm kettlebell swings, alternating 35/25#
10x Toes through rings
15/10 Cals on rower


Friday: 12.6.19


For time, with a partner:
1200m Run or 1600m Row
6 Rounds per partner (12 total, alternating full rounds) of:
4x Handstand pushups
8x Pull ups
12x Air squats



Saturday: 12.7.19


3x Hang power snatch
In 10 minutes or less, work up to the heaviest weight possible with good form.


2 Rounds for time of:
500/350m On the air bike
15x Hang power snatch 95/65# (or 80% from earlier, whichever is lighter)
20 Wall ball shots 20/14 

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