2.10.20 – 2.15.20

Monday: 2.10.20


__ Minute amrap
5x Thruster 95/65#
7x Hang power clean 95/65#
10x Sumo-deadlift high pull 95/65#

This workout has a mystery time cap.  After covering the movements, this portion of the workout will be started at 20 minutes after the hour.  The coach will keep time on his phone and will call out when there is 1 minute left.  Possible options are short (5-10 minutes), long (15 minutes +), or even multiple rounds (5 minute amrap, 5 minute rest, 5 minute amrap).

2-4 Rounds, not for time
3-8x Strict pull ups (should be a sub-max set)
1-2 minutes of preferred cardio movement (row, bike, run, double under, brupee, etc)

If there is time remaining, perform the accessory work listed above.

Tuesday: 2.11.20


1x Push press + 2x push jerk
In 15 minutes or less, work to the heaviest weight possible for the complex.  Pause in the jerk receiving position for 2 seconds on both reps.  If the feet move forward or backward, the set does not count.

3 Rounds, each for time
3x Box jump 40/30″
5x Shoulder to overhead with heaviest weight used earlier
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets

The height on the box jump should be “high” for each individual.  If the height is correct, a running start should be necessary but no reps should be missed.  There is the potential for a lot of difference from individual to individual so scale as needed and do not be afraid to ask as coach for suggestions.

Wednesday: 2.12.20


5 Rounds for time
8x Toes to bar
16x Wall ball shot
32x Double under

Aim to get as close to unbroken on each movement as possible.

Thursday: 2.13.20


Mainsite wod from Friday 1.29.16

5 rounds for total reps of:
1 minute of deadlifts 185/125#
1 minute of push-ups
1 minute of strict knees-to-elbows

This is a bit of a long workout so pace yourself accordingly.  You may want to leave the last few seconds of each round to recover and write your score.  Record total reps of all three movements across all rounds added together, deadlift weight and any other scaling.

Friday: 2.14.20


1x Back squat
Work to a heavy single in 15 minutes or less

7 Minute amrap
5x Pull ups
10x American kettlebell swings 55/35#
Run to McDowell and back

Saturday: 2.15.20


For time:
30x Handstand push-up
800/500m Row
30x Deadlift 115/75#
600m Run
30x Overhead squat 95/65#
1000/700m Air bike

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