2.11.19 – 2.16.19

Monday: 2.11.19

1 Rep max clean and jerk
In 15 minutes or less, build to a heavy single.  Do not neglect quality of movement in lieu of heavier weights. Compare to 10.30.18


5 Minute amrap of
5-10-15-20… American kettlebell swings 55/35#
5 Burpees over the bar

Alternate movements.  Add 5 reps to the swings each set, keep the burpees at 5 reps throughout.  Record total number of kettlebell swings.

Tuesday: 2.12.19

CrossFit Open workout 15.3
14 Minute amrap of
7 Ring muscle ups
50 Wall ball shots 20/14#
100 Double unders

Compare to 3.3.15 and 1.26.17

Wednesday: 2.13.19

4 Alternating rounds of each in 8 minutes or less
6 Strict press (barbell or double dumbbell) or handstand skill work
6 Strict pull ups (these do not have to be unbroken)


Every 3 Minutes for 4 rounds
20′ Handstand walk
16 Alternating single arm dumbbell snatches 50/35# (8 per arm)
12 Box jump overs 24/20″

Each round should be finished well under two minutes, modify if needed.  Record fastest and slowest round time and any modifications.


Thursday: 2.14.19

For time, shared with a partner
50 Cals on air bike (This should take less than three minutes, modify accordingly)
50x Deadlifts 185/115# (or 50% of 1rm, whichever is lighter)
150x Double unders (This should take less than two minutes, modify accordingly)

40 Cals on air bike
40x Deadlifts 185/115#
120x Double unders

30 Cals on air bike
30x Deadlifts 185/115#
90x Double unders

One partner working at a time sharing reps as you see fit.  Compare to 11.17.15


Friday: 2.15.19


3 Rounds, each for time of
6 Burpees to target (at least 6″ out of reach for RX)
30′ Overhead walking lunges 95/65#
6 Clean and jerks 95/65#
30′ Overhead walking lunges 95/65#

Perform sets at 0:00, 6:00, and 12:00.  The lunges should get tough on the return trip, but not so much so that it’s dropped.  Record fastest time, slowest time, and barbell weight.

Then, time permitting

Flex Friday
Bi’s and tri’s


Saturday: 2.16.19

15 Minute amrap
5 Clusters 135/85#
2 Rope climbs 15′
5 Slam ball over the shoulder
12 Toes to bar

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