2.24.2020 – 2.29.2020

Monday: 2.24.2020


3 TnG Power cleans
In 12 minutes or less, build to a heavy triple.  Feet must land in the proper position and the bar must be received at the collar bones, not low on the chest.

9-7-5 reps for time:
Bar muscle-ups
Power cleans, 185/125#

Tuesday: 2.25.2020


Back squat
In 12 minutes or less, work up to a heavy set of 5.  Compare to 1.6.20

6 Minute amrap of
3x One arm overhead squat per arm 35/25#
5x Burpee onto a 45# plate or to a target aprox 6″ out of reach
20x Double under

On the squats, use a dumbbell and/or a kettlebell.  The default will be a kettlebell (since we have more of them), but if you can share a dumbbell with some for a couple of rounds it would be worth your while.

Wednesday: 2.26.2020


Power snatch
In 10 minutes or less, work to a heavy single. Form is much more important than heavy weights today.  Be mindful of your landing stance and avoid being too wide.


For time
Cardio choice #1
30x Power snatch 95/65# (or 85% of heavy single from earlier, whichever is lighter)
30x Russian kettlebell swing 70/55#
Cardio choice #2

Choose two of the following, one start and one to end the workout:
-600m Run
-50/40 Cal on air bike
-40/30 Cals on rower

Thursday: 2.27.2020


4-5 Rounds, 90 seconds each
10m Hand over hand sled pull 135/90# additional weight
10m Backward sled drag 135/90# additional weight
Max slam ball load to platform with remaining time
Rest 2-3 minutes between attempts

Record fastest and slowest sets, slam ball weight, and platform height.


Friday: 2.28.2020


7 Minute amrap of
5x Russian kettlebell swings 70/55#
10x V-up’s
On the minute double unders

Perform the double unders as follows
At 1:00 – 10 reps
At 2:00 – 20 reps
At 3:00 – 30 reps
At 4:00 – 40 reps
At 5:00 – 50 reps
At 6:00 – 60 reps

During this workout, the double unders will interrupt progress of the swings and v-ups.  Regardless of where you’re at, you’ll need to stop and perform the double unders on the minute.  You must finish the double unders before starting back where you left off.  Scale to the same amount of single unders (1:1) if needed.

Then, if time permits

Alternating every 60 seconds for four rounds of each (8minutes total)
Odd minutes: 8-10x Prone kettlebell rows on a bench*
Even minutes: 6-12x Ring or bar dips

*Lie face down on a bench with a kettlebell at arm’s length for each arm (plates may need to be stacked under the feet of the bench to allow enough room for arms to straighten). Grasp a bell in each hand and row them simultaneously until the wrists have cleared the height of the bench.  Maintain control the bells on the way back down.  They should touch the ground but they should not rest on the ground between reps.

Saturday: 2.29.2020


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
30-ft. overhead walking lunge 45/25#
8 Burpees to plate
30-ft. overhead walking lunge 45/25#
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups

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