3.23.2020 -3.28.2020

Monday: 3.23.2020

3 Rounds of
0:40 of max sit ups
0:20 rest
0:40 of max rows
0:20 rest
0:40 of max box jumps (or tuck jumps if you don’t have something to jump onto)
0:20 rest


Tuesday: 3.24.2020


4 Rounds for time of
20 Weighted* lunge steps (10 per leg)
12 Burpees

*Ideally these are overhead but it’s going to depend on what type of weight (if any) you chose to use.  Whatever you choose, it should be something that is doable on the first 10 steps and challenging on the last 10.


Wednesday: 3.25.2020

0:00 – 4:00
_ Air squat + 1x inch worm + _ push ups
Start with 1 squat and push up, then 2, then 3 and so on.  Perform only one inch worm for the duration.

Rest 1:00

At 5:00
40 V-ups


Thursday: 3.26.2020

Equipment needed
single weight (dumbbell, kettlebell, water jug, etc)

8-10 Single arm deadlifts (arm outside of leg, not in between)
6-8 Single arm clean and jerks
6-8 Single arm front rack front squat
8-10 Weighted side bends

Complete all exercises on one side before switching to the other side. Try to finish one entire side without setting your weight down.

Rest as needed between sides.

Repeat for at least 3 sets per side.


Friday: 3.27.2020

20 min emom
1: mountain climbers x 20
2: jumping jacks x20
3: squats x 20
4: push ups x20
5: jump rope backwards x30
4 times through


Saturday: 3.28.2020

On a running clock

At 0:00
Run (or bike) “away” for 4:00.  At 4:00 turn around and head back.  If you’re a good runner then run hard on the way out.  If running isn’t your strong suit then take it easy on the way out.

At 10:00, 3 rounds of
40 Russian twists per side
60 Double unders (scale to approximately :40 of double unders, single unders, jumping jacks, or mountain climbers)

At 20:00, optional
Repeat the cardio from 0:00


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