5.11.2020 – 5.15.2020

Monday: 5.11.2020

6 Rounds of
200m Run
15 Rows (or pull ups if you’re able)
25 Push ups
30 Air squats

This is a straightforward dose of Murph prep.  If you typically modify Murph, do the same here.  It’s getting really hot so make sure to be smart about when and where you workout and stay hydrated.

Tuesday: 5.12.2020

4 Supersets of
6-8 Nordic curls (feet under a couch would be a good spot)
8 Single leg stiff legged deadlifts

Move quickly from the curls to the deads.  Rest as needed after the deads.

4 Super sets of
10-12 Single leg hip bridges
10-12 Split squats, rear leg elevated


Wednesday: 5.13.2020

10 Rounds of
100′ Farmer’s carry (approximately 30 steps)
15 Double unders
5 Burpees


Thursday: 5.15.2020


Now’s a good time to start prioritizing this, or some form of mobility work.

Friday: 5.16.2020

8 Minute amrap of
50 Thrusters
50 Sit ups
50 Sit ups
50 Speed burpees

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