5.20.19 – 5.25.19

Monday: 5.20.19

3-3-3x Deadlift
In 15 minutes or less, build up to three heavy sets of three reps.  Use the same weight for all three sets.


4 Rounds for total reps of:
0:30 Max cals on rower (1 calorie = 1 rep)
0:30 Rest

0:30 Max double unders (10 double unders = 1 rep)
0:30 Rest

0:30 Max handstand push-ups (1 hspu = 1 rep)
0:30 Rest

Tuesday: 5.21.19

In 5 Minutes:
5* Rounds of “The Chief”
3x Power cleans 135/85#
6x Push ups
9x Air squats
-Then, with remaining time-
Max cals on air bike

Rest exactly 5 minutes between rounds and repeat for a total of 3 rounds.  Record total calories across all three rounds, weight on the bar, push up/squat scaling, and total “Chief” rounds performed per 5 minute round.

*During the first round, you must finish your “Chief” rounds in 3:30 or less (this comes to about 42 seconds per round of “The Chief” if you’re going for the RX of 5 rounds).  Drop the number of rounds down as needed to finish within 3:30 (for the first round only).  You’re going to get tired as the workout goes on and we’d hate for you not to have adequate time on the bike.

Wednesday: 5.22.19

5x Pause front squat
In 10 minutes or less, build to a heavy set of 5. Pause at the bottom of the rep to stop momentum and do not bounce out.


7 Minute amrap with a partner of:
Station 1: 5x Plate facing burpee jump over 2 stacked 45 pound hi-temp plates (without making contact with plates)
Station 2: 10x Alternating dumbbell snatches 50/35#

Both partners work at the same time and switch when both partners are finished  

Thursday: 5.23.19

On the minute for 10 minutes (5 rounds of each):
Even minutes: 6-8x Strict ring pull ups
Odd minutes: Accumulate 20-40 seconds in tuck hold variation on parallettes


4 Rounds for time of:
10x Toes to bar
10x Hang power snatch 95/65#
10x Box jump 30/24″

Friday: 5.24.19

In 1:00 for max wall ball shots
6 Slam ball over pull up bar, recommended rx 40/20#
120′ Bear hug slam ball carry, heavier weight than above
Max Wall ball shots with remaining time

Rest exactly 2:00 and repeat for 4 rounds

Saturday: 5.25.19

40-30-20-10 Reps of
American kettlebell swings 55/35#
Box jump overs 24/20″
2:1 Double unders (80-60-40-20)
500m Bike or 300m row or 200m run after each round including the last.

Murph is on Monday so modify appropriately.

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