5.4.2020 -5.9.2020

MURPH PREP: Since things are still up in the air, we’re not sure when we can open back up.  Whether we’ll do Muprh at the gym or not, we’d recommend keeping it in the back of your head.  It’s always a lot of volume so get those reps in this month.

Monday: 5.4.2020

10 Minute amrap of
40 Double unders
1o Jumping air squats
10 Push ups


Tuesday: 5.5.2020

For time
50 Dumbbell deadlifts
30 Front rack walking lunges (per leg)
50 Shoulder to overhead
30 Burpees


Wednesday: 5.6.2020

3 Rounds for time
400m run (approximately 1:30-2:00)
100′ Loaded carry (approximately 30 steps)

A “loaded carry” just means walking with something heavy.  Acceptable options include farmer’s carry, bear hug carry, overhead walk, etc. Choose an appropriate variation depending on what weighted apparatus you have available.  Ideally, it’s weighty enough to need to be put down 1-2 times per 100′.


Thursday: 5.7.2020

5 Minute amrap of
10 Dumbbell clean and jerks (power cleans from the floor, shoulder to overhead)
10 Speed burpees over the bells

This is intended to be a sprint.  Adjust weight/reps so that you’re going mostly unbroken at a quick pace.

Friday: 5.8.2020

5 Rounds for time of
20 Walking lunges (per leg)
20 Plank shoulder taps (per shoulder)
20 Hollow rocks



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