6.12.17 – 6.17.17

Monday: 6.12.17

“Quarter gone bad”
5 rounds for total reps:
0:15 Max thrusters 135/95 or 115/85, or 95/65 or 65/45
0:45 Rest

0:15 Max pull ups with 50# or 20# or bodyweight or band/feet assisted
0:45 Rest

0:15 Max burpees
0:45 Rest

Since there are only 15 seconds of work at a time, the goal here is to move efficiently at an all-out type of pace.  The modifications won’t be perfect today, but stick to one of the options listed for the sake of consistency.  Use a weight on the thrusters that allows you to perform each set unbroken.  Pick a pull up variation that allows 5-10 reps per set.

This is an OG workout from 2008 (hence the less than stellar production value on the demo video below) that reared its ugly head again recently.  This will be tough but do your best to maintain consistency as you get into the later rounds.

Tuesday: 6.13.17

1x Segmented snatch deadlift (pause at mid-thigh) +
1x Snatch high pull +
1x Power snatch
In 10 minutes or less, build to a weight that you can handle for three consecutive sets with good form.  Focus on maintaining a flat back while driving through the legs to generate power.  Keep the bar close throughout the lift.


10 Minute amrap of:
500/350m air bike
10x Power snatch 95/65# (or 80% from earlier, whichever is lighter)
10x Toes to bar

Wednesday: 6.14.17

10 Rounds for time with a partner of:
20x Push ups
10x Deadlifts 205/145# (or no more than 65% of 1rm)
150/100m Row (male partners are responsible for 150m per round, female partners are responsible for 100m per round)

Only one partner working at a time. Each partner will complete half of the reps for each movement (or 150/100m on rower) in each round. Partners must witch at least once per movement, but they may switch more if they so desire.


Thursday: 6.15.17

8-6-6x Back squats
Perform 1 set of 8 reps and 2 sets of 6 reps, in that order.  If you were here last Wednesday (6.7.17.) , try to use the same weight that you hit for 10 for all three sets.  Rest no more than 3 minutes between sets.


2 Rounds for time of:
20x Plate ground to overhead
20x Burpees to plate
60x Double unders

Friday: 6.16.17

In 1 minute for total slam ball loads:
10m Bear crawl sled drag 135/90# additional weight
10m Standing hand over hand sled pull 135/90# additional weight
Max slam ball loads to 60/54″ target with remaining time
Rest at least 5 minutes between rounds


Saturday: 6.17.17

10 Minute amrap of:
10/7 Cals on the air bike
3x Rope climbs 15′

Rest 5 minutes, then

10 Minute amrap of:
6x Handstand push ups
12x Russian kettlebell swings 70/55#
6x Kettlebell goblet squats 70/55#

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