6.17.19 – 6.22.19

Monday: 6.17.19

Max effort tuck hold
Compare to 3.25.19


For time
500/350m Row
60 Single arm dumbbell shoulder to overhead 50/35# (30 reps per hand)
20 Box facing burpee box jump overs 24/20″
60 Russian kettlebell swings 55/35#
30 Pull ups

Tuesday: 6.18.19

3-3-3x Tall clean
3-3-3x Hang squat clean (mid thigh)


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps for time of
Russian twists (reps are per side) 20/14#
Step back overhead lunges with 45/25# plate (reps are per side)
Speed burpees to plate (only 3 per round at the end of the round)

Wednesday: 6.19.19

4 Minute amrap of
5 Cals on air bike (monitor does not need to be reset)
5 Cals on rower (monitor does not need to be reset)

Rest exactly 2 minutes, then

4 Minute amrap of
4 Devil’s press 35/25# per hand
40 Double unders

Rest exactly 2 minutes, then

4 Minute amrap of
8 Wall ball shots 20/14#
2 Bar muscle ups (this set should be unbroken, scale the reps or movement so that’s possible for at least a couple of rounds)

Each section will go by quickly so make sure to choose your movements appropriately.  Do not pick something that is beyond your capabilities that will force you to rest for the bulk of the 4 minutes.

Thursday: 6.20.19

CrossFit Total
Back squat
Strict press

Work to a 1 rep max in each lift, in the order listed.  All lifts must be completed within the hour long class and there will be a strict 15 limit on each lift.  If you want a big warm up, make sure to come in a bit early and start before class.  Come ready to lift heavy. 

Compare to 6.6.16

Friday: 6.21.19

Mystery workout
Come prepared for the unknown and unknowable


Saturday: 6.22.19

Every 1:00 for 20 rounds
1 Power clean 185/125# (this should be less than 80% of your 1 rm)
3 Lateral burpees over the bar
5 Air squats

Continue on the minute until you can no longer keep that pace.  If/when that point comes, treat the remaining portion of the workout as an amrap.  Record total rounds and reps, weight on the clean, and any other modifications.

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