6.24.19 – 6.29.19

Monday: 6.24.19

3x TnG Power clean and jerks
In 8 minutes or less, build to a clean set of three reps.  If your feet move in order to save the lift, and/or if you fail to lockout any rep, the weight does not count.  Build up to the heaviest weight you intend to use below.


25 Minute amrap in groups of three
7/5 Calorie Assault Bike
5 Burpee pull ups
5 Power Clean and Jerks

1st 6 Rounds – 95/65#
2nd 6 Rounds – 115/85#
3rd 6 Rounds – 135/95#
Remaining rounds – 155/105#

Partners cycle through full rounds, one at a time. Weights climb every 6 rounds, or in other words, after each partner has cleared the weight two times.  High five when switching between partners.

Tuesday: 6.25.19

10-20-30-40 Reps of
Alternating single arm dumbbell snatches 50/35#
Jump lunges with stance switch in mid-air

Then, time permitting

Core cool down


Wednesday: 6.26.19

3-3-3x Overhead squat
In 12 minutes or less, build up to three sets of three reps at the same weight.  Pause for 2 seconds at the bottom of the movement and 2 seconds at the top of the movement on each rep.


8 Rounds for time of
4 Deadlifts 225/145#
8 Pull ups

Thursday: 6.27.19

1x Hang power clean + push jerk
In 12 minutes or less, build to a heavy single.


8 Minute amrap of
60 Double unders
30 Russian kettlebell swings 55/35#
10 Box facing burpee box jump overs 24/20″

Friday: 6.28.19

For time at 0:00, 4:00, 8:00, and 12:00 (4 rounds total)
2 Rope climbs
30′ Slam ball carry over obstacle
3 Slam ball over shoulder
30′ Slam ball carry over obstacle

Complete each round as fast as possible.  Record fastest and slowest rounds, rope climb modification, and ball weight.

Then, time permitting

Flex Friday
Bi’s and tri’s

Saturday: 6.29.19

Hotshots 19

6 Rounds for time of
30x Air squats
19x Power cleans 135/85#
7x Strict pull ups
400m run (sub 500/400m row or 1000/800m bike if you’re sensitive to the heat)

Compare to 6.30.18

This workout is brutal, especially considering the amount of running this time of year.  Don’t hesitate to tone down any part of this workout as needed.

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