6.25.18 – 6.30.18

Monday: 6.25.18

Ring skill work, focus on static holds
Top position hold, rings turned out if possible
Tuck hold
Shoulder stand: tucked, legs extended (low rings and feet on floor as needed)
Handstand (this is too advanced for the majority of us at this point)


7 Minute amrap of
Hand release push ups
Goblet squats 55/35# kettlebell

Perform 3 reps of each, then 6, then 9, continuing to add three reps until time runs out. Record total reps completed.

Tuesday: 6.26.18

1x Power clean + 1x squat clean + 1x Split jerk
In 12 minutes or less, build up to the heaviest weight that you can handle with good form.  We’ll be looking for the feet to land in the proper receiving position on both the power and squat variations, catching the bar with the shoulders rather than wrists, and finishing aggressively before getting under the bar.


5-4-3-2-1 Reps of
Power clean and shoulder to overhead 205/155# (this should be no more than you hit on the first part of the workout)
Ring muscle ups

Wednesday: 6.27.18

5-5-5 Reps of paused bench press
Similarly to 6.11.18 these will all be paused on the chest.  In 12 minutes or less, work up to and complete 3 heavy sets of 5 reps. The bar must come to a complete stop on the chest on each rep. The weight does not need to be the same throughout. Record the sum of the three heaviest successful sets.


For time
300/200m Row
150′ (30′ x 5) Overhead walking lunge 45/25# plate
20x Toes to bar

Thursday: 6.28.18

For time with a partner
70x Cals on rower

3 Rounds of
6x Deadlifts 315/225# (or no more than 75% of 1rm)
28x Pull ups
52x Push press wall ball shots 20/14#

70x Double unders per partner

One partner working at a time.  Share reps on everything except for the double unders.  Extra credit for screaming during the pull ups. Happy 70th birthday, Mike!

Friday: 6.29.18

3 Rounds, each for time of
1x Legless rope climb 15′
10x Box jump overs
5x Burpee box jump overs
24′ +24′ Slam ball bear hug carry

Rest at least 4 minutes between efforts.  Record time to finish for all three rounds, modifications to the rope climbs, and weight used on the slam ball carry.


Saturday: 6.30.18

Hotshots 19

6 Rounds for time of
30x Air squats
19x Power cleans 135/85#
7x Strict pull ups
400m run (sub 500/400m row or 1000/800m bike if you’re sensitive to the heat)

Compare to 2016 

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