7.22.19 – 7.27.19

Monday: 7.22.19

2x Squat clean + 1x split jerk
In 15:00 or less, build to a heavy “single.”


2 Rounds for time of
20 Push ups
40 American kettlebell swings 55/35#
80 Double unders


Tuesday: 8.14.18

On a running clock

At 0:00
1000/700m Row (this must be finished by 4:30)


At 5:00 until 10:00, death by (starting at 5 reps of each)
Bar muscle up
Power snatch 75/55# (this should be light)

Record total reps of bmu’s and power cleans added together.  For example, if you finish only the first round, your score would be 10 (5 of each).  If you make it through to the end, your score would be 90 (5+5+6+6+7+7+8+8+9+9+10+10).

Then, time permitting

Core cooldown

Wednesday: 8.15.18

3x Deadlift
In 12 minutes or less, build to a heavy set of three.  Let the bar come to a complete stop at the bottom of each rep.  Dropping from the top is allowed.


4 Rounds for time of
10x Bar dips
20x Sit ups
60′ Walking lunges

Thursday: 8.16.18

12 Minute amrap of
2 Slam ball loads to 60/54″ platform
15 Pull ups
20′ Handstand walk
15/10 Cals on air bike


Friday: 8.17.18

Every 3 Minutes for 5 Rounds, each round as fast as possible
6 Box jump overs 30/24″
15′ Walking lunge holding a 50/35# dumbbell on each shoulder
6 Double dumbbell ground-to-shoulder (aka dumbbell clean)
15′ Walking lunge holding a 50/35# dumbbell on each shoulder

Record dumbbell weight, fastest round time and slowest round time.

Then, time permitting

Flex Friday
Bi’s and tri’s


Saturday: 8.18.18

5 Rounds for time of
3 Ring muscle ups
6 Hang power cleans 115/75#
9 Shoulder-to-overheads with the same bar
12/9 Cals on rower


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