7.8.19 – 7.13.19

Monday: 7.8.17

12 Rounds with a partner of:
9/7 Cals on air bike
10x Single arm alternating dumbbell snatches 50/35#
40x Double unders

One partner will perform all of the cals/reps for a single station while the other rests, then they’ll switch. 

Tuesday: 7.9.17

Ring muscle up skill work
False grip row
Row to transition with feet on floor
Jump to dip with rings near collar bone height
Swinging kip


10 Minute amrap of:
3x Ring muscle ups
5x Burpee box jump over 30/24″
7x Step back lunge per leg (14 total) holding a 45/25# plate overhead


Wednesday: 7.10.17

For time:
15x Deadlifts 275/185# (or 70% of 1rm, whichever is lighter)
6 Rounds of:
6x Handstand push ups
6/4 Cals on air bike
15x Overhead squats 135/85# (or approx 50% of deadlift weight)

Thursday: 7.11.17

3-2-1x Front squat
In 15 minutes or less, build up to a heavy set of 3, 2 and 1 in that order.  You may take multiple attempts at each rep count, but you may not go back once you move on.  Record the sum of the heaviest successful weight at each rep count.


6 Minute amrap of:
Front squat without a rack 135/85# (or 50% of heaviest single from earlier, whichever is lighter)
Pull up

2-4-6-8-10 reps of each, increasing by 2 until time runs out.

Friday: 7.12.17

3 Rounds of:
0:30 Max clean and jerks 135/85#
0:30 Rest

0:30 Max double unders
0:30 Rest

0:30 Max calories on rower
1:30 Max rest

Record a separate total for each movement across all three rounds, barbell weight and whether double or single unders were performed.


Flex Friday

Saturday: 7.13.17

For time:
50x Toes to bar
50x Wall ball shots
50x Burpees over 45# plate (facing the plate on each rep)
50x Alternating dumbbell snatches 50/35# (25 per hand)

Scale down to 40 or 30 of each movement and modify movements as needed.

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