6.15.2020 – 6.20.2020

Monday: 6.15.20

3x Power clean, touch-n-go
In 8 minutes or less work to a heavy triple.  This is not intended to be a max, just a qualifier for the second part of the workout.

On a running clock perform the following,

At 0:00
7 Rounds for time of:
7x Russian kettlebell swings 70/55#
7x Speed burpees over the bar, lateral

At 10:00
5 Rounds for time of:
5x Power cleans 165/105# (or 90% of heaviest from earlier, whichever is lighter)
5x Box jumps 30/24″

7:00 time cap for each 10:00 section, if you finish before 7:00 just rest until the next 10:00.  Record a finish time for both sections.

Tuesday: 6.16.2020

Every 90 seconds for 5 sets (0:00, 1:30, 3:00, 4:30, 6:00)
3x Hang power snatch from mid-thigh +
2x Overhead squat

This entire complex will be performed without setting the bar down.  The goal here to use a weight that allows you to move smoothly without pain or form breakdown.  Perform the overhead squat only as low as good form allows.


7 Minute amrap of:
7x Toes to bar
7x Overhead squat 95/65# (this weight should allow you to go unbroken for the majority of the workout)

Wednesday: 6.17.2020

For time:
21x Shoulder to overhead 115/75#
8x Bar muscle ups

15x Shoulder to overhead 115/75#
6x Bar muscle ups

9x Shoulder to overhead 115/75#
4x Bar muscle ups

Bar cannot be rested on the back of the neck.

Thursday: 6.18.2020

1x Front squat
In 12 minutes or less, work to a heavy single.  If you miss the same weight twice, do not continue to add weight.  In other words, today is not for chasing a new PR.


3 Rounds, each for time of
9x Squat cleans 95/65#(bar comes back to the floor after each rep)
12x Box jump over 24/20″
15x Wall ball shots 20/14#

Friday: 6.19.2020

4 Alternating sets of each
A) 8-10 Strict dips
B) 8-10 Strict chin ups (palms facing you)

Even if you can do these unassisted, strongly consider using some assistance.


5 Rounds of
10 Triple unders (this should take less than 1:30)
10 Ring rows (feet elevated and chest to rings for RX)
10 Hand release Push-ups

Saturday: 6.20.2020

17 Minute amrap of:
40x Step ups with empty 45/35# bar to 24/20″ box (20 per leg)
30x Sit-ups
20x Power cleans 135/85#

Use the same barbell for both movements and load/unload it as needed.

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