8.6.18 – 8.11.18

Monday: 8.6.18

1x Deadlift
in 15 minutes or less, build up to a heavy single.  Proper positions (especially a neutral spine) are much more important than heavier weights.  Compare to 12.7.17


8 Minute amrap of
80 Double unders
40 Air squats
20 Hand release push ups
10 Burpees over the bar

Tuesday: 8.7.18

On a running clock

At 0:00
1000/700m Row (this must be finished by 4:30)


At 5:00 until 10:00, death by (starting at 5 reps of each)
Bar muscle up
Power clean 95/65#

Record total reps of bmu’s and power cleans added together.  For example, if you finish only the first round, your score would be 10 (5 of each).  If you make it through to the end, your score would be 90 (5+5+6+6+7+7+8+8+9+9+10+10).

Wednesday: 8.8.18


1x Push press
In 12 minutes or less, build to a heavy single.  Re-bending the knees (aka, a push jerk) will cause an attempt not to count.  Avoid excessive leaning/arching backward in order to protect your back.


10-8-6-4-2-4-6-8-10 Reps for time of
Ab mat sit ups
Alternating single arm dumbbell snatches 50/35#
Box jump overs 24/20″

Thursday: 8.9.18

3 sets of 3x Back squat + 3x box jump with straight leg landing
Use a sub max weight on the squats and focus on moving the weight quickly.  On the box jumps, you don’t need to land with completly locked out legs as if you were on stilts.  It’s more about trying to jump as high as possible while still landing tall, rather than focusing on how much you can tuck your knees to your chest.


6 Minute amrap of
6 American kettlebell swings 70/55#
30’ Waiter walk 35/25# (left hand) + farmer’s walk 70/55# (right hand)
30’ Waiter walk 35/25# (right hand) + farmer’s walk 70/55# (left hand)

Friday: 8.10.18

3 Rounds, each for time of
1 Rope climb 15’
24’ slam ball carry
24’ Sled push 180/135# additional weight
1 Rope climb
24’ slam ball carry
24’ Backward sled drag 180/135# additional weight

Rest at least 4 minutes between rounds.  Record fastest round, slowest round, weights used on sled/ball and rope climb modifications.

Then, time permitting

Flex Friday

Saturday: 8.11.18

5 Minute amrap of
10 Single arm alternating dumbbell snatches 50/35# (5 per arm)
5 Burpee box jump overs 24/20″

Rest exactly 3:00, then

5 Minute amrap of
20 Wall ball shots 20/14#
20 Pull ups

Rest exactly 3:00, then

5 Minute amrap of
10 Hand release push ups
5 Box step overs  holding the same dumbbell and using the same box from part 1

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