8.7.17 – 8.12.17

Monday: 8.7.17

On the minute for 8 minutes (4 rounds of each):
Even minutes: 4x Single leg step ups per leg
Odd minutes: 5-10x Dips

On the step ups, complete all reps for one leg before switching and use minimal assistance from the non-working leg.  Add resistance or use additional assitance as needed.


8 Minute amrap of:
10x American kettlebell swings
10x Push ups
30x Double unders

Tuesday: 8.8.17

3 Rounds, each for time of:
2x Legless rope climbs 15′
12x Alternating dumbbell snatch 50/35# (6 per arm)
12/9 Cals on the air bike

Rest at least 6 minutes between efforts.  Record fastest and slowest rounds and any scaling.

Wednesday: 8.9.17

CrossFit Games Triple-G Chipper with a partner
For time:
100x Pull ups
80x Sit ups
60x Single leg squats (15 per leg, per partner)
40 Cal row
20x Dumbbell shoulder to overhead 55/35 (5 per arm, per partner)

One partner working at a time.  Split the reps evenly if possible.

Thursday: 8.10.17

2-2-2x Front squat
In 15 minutes or less, perform 3 heavy doubles with the same weight.


7 Minute amrap of:
15x Wall ball shots 20/14#
50x Backward single unders

Friday: 8.11.17

For time:
20x Bar muscle ups
20x Box facing burpee box jump overs 24/20″
100x Double unders

Then, time permitting

Flex Friday, arms-n-abs

Saturday: 8.12.17

Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes (2 rounds of each):
Station 1: 500/350m Row
(Start at 0:00 and 9:00)
Station 2: 8x Deadlifts 135/85# + 8x power cleans 135/85# + 8x Burpees over the bar
(Start at 3:00 and 12:00)
Station 3: 8 Handstand push ups + 12/8 Cals on air bike
(Start at 6:00 and 15:00)

Then, at 18:00 on the clock

One round for time of:
500/350m Row
8x Deadlifts 135/85#
8x Power cleans 135/85#
8x Burpees over the bar
8 Handstand push ups
12/8 Cals on air bike

Scale so that you can finish each of the first 2 rounds of each in 2:30 or less (ideally 2:00 or less). 

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