9.10.18 – 9.15.18

Monday: 9.10.18

On the minute for 8 minutes (4 rounds of each)
Station 1: 3-4x Kettlebell windmills per arm (aim for 0:20 or less per arm)
Station 2: 5x strict pull ups from 0:00-0:20 then max kipping pull-ups up to 10 from 0:20-0:40 (without dropping off of the bar if possible)


8 Rounds for time of
6 Toes to bar
6 Russian kettlebell swings 70/55#
80′ Shuttle sprint (20′ x 4)

Tuesday: 9.11.18


For time with a partner
2001m Row
Then 3 rounds of,
11x Clusters 185/125# (shared reps)
11x Burpee bar muscle ups (shared reps)
11x Box Jumps overs 30/24″ (11x per person each round alternating reps like follow the leader)

20:00 time cap.  Compare to 9.11.17

Wednesday: 9.12.18

15 Minute amrap with a partner of
Station 1: 12/9 Cals on Air bike
Station 2: 12x Deadlifts 185/105# + 8x handstand push ups

Both partners work at opposite stations at the same time.  Partners switch stations when both partners have finished their stations.  Record the number of reps of station 2 for both partners combined.

Thursday: 9.13.18

1x Front squat + 1x split jerk
In 12 minutes or less, build to two heavy sets at the same weight.  Use a rack.


6 Minute amrap of
6 Single arm dumbbell shoulder-to-overhead 50/35#, right arm
30′ Walking lunge with the same dumbbell
6 Single arm dumbbell shoulder-to-overhead, left arm with the same dumbbell
30′ Walking lunge with the same dumbbell

Friday: 9.14.18

1:00 for max cals
40 Double unders
60′ Slam ball carry anyhow (30’+30′)
Max cals on air bike with remaining time

Modify reps, weights, and/or movements so that you’re on the bike with at least 15 seconds left.  Rest at least 5 minutes between rounds and repeat for 3 total rounds.  Record total cals across all 3 rounds, double or single unders, and slam ball weight.

Then, time permitting

Flex Friday
Bi’s and tri’s

Saturday: 9.15.18

For time
Cardio choice #1
30 Back squats 135/85# (from the floor if it can be performed safely)
Cardio choice #2
20 Power cleans with the same bar
Cardio choice #3
10 Power snatches with the same bar

Cardio choices
-100 Double unders
-30/20 Cals on air bike
-500/400m Row

You may choose the order of your cardio exercises, dependent on the class size and coach’s desire to make it interesting (drawing straws, rock-paper-scissors, etc).

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