derek luis running5-5-5-5 reps of stiff-legged deadlift
Control the eccentric (negative) portion of the lift so that it takes a least 3 seconds to go from the hip down to the floor.


For time, with a partner
40x Wall ball shots 20/14#
20x Russian twists 20/14#
200m Burden run 20/14#

30x Wall ball shots
30x Russian twists
200m Burden run

20x Wall ball shots
40x Russian twists
200m Burden run (time ends when both partners finish the run)

Throughout this workout, two partners will share one medicine ball.  On the wall ball shots, line up shoulder to shoulder with your partner.  One partner will perform a wall ball shot and aim for a spot on the wall in the middle of the two partners.  The other partner will catch and continue.  On the Russian twists, partners will be seated side by side.  Half way through each set of wall ball shots and Russian twists partners should switch positions (left to right and right to left).

Lastly, regarding rep counting, each partner is responsible for half of the reps listed.  For example, if Rich does 1 rep and Camille does 1 rep they would be at 2 reps, not 1.