11.25.19 – 11.30.19

Monday: 11.25.19


3x Snatch Balance
In 10 minutes or less, build to a heavy triple


6 Minute amrap of
10x Russian kettlebell swings 70/55#
8x Overhead squats 95/65# (or no more than 60% from earlier)
6x Burpees over the bar


Tuesday:  11.26.19


1 Power clean + 1 front squats + 2 Shoulder to overheads
In 12 minutes or less, build to a heavy single.


8 Minute amrap with a partner of
Partner A: Row max calories
Partner B: 50x Double unders + 10x alternating single leg pistol squats

When partner B is finished, both partners switch positions.  Let the computer continue to roll for the entire 8 minutes and record total cals, and total rounds and reps after 8 minutes is up.


Wednesday: 11.27.19


Kipping skill work
Hollow/arch positions on floor
Pvc banded lat pull downs
Hollow/arch positions hanging from a bar
Kipping pull up/t2b/bar muscle-up practice


12 Minute amrap of
8x Toes to bar
12/8x Cals on air bike
12x American kettlebell swings 70/55#


Thursday: 11.28.19
*Holiday schedule, only one class at 7am*


“Linda” aka, “Three bars of death”
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of
Deadlift 1.5x bodyweight
Bench press 1x bodyweight
Squat clean .75x Bodyweight

Make room for your Thanksgiving feast with some heavy barbell work.  Compare to 11.22.18


Friday: 11.29.19


7 Rounds for time of
200m Run
7x Speed burpee box jump overs 30/24″
4x Bar muscle ups


Saturday: 11.30.19


15 Minute amrap of
6x Burpees to target (at least 6″ out of reach for RX)
300/200m on Air bike
10m Sled push 180/135# additional weight on concrete
3x Rope climbs 10′ (legless are allowed, but not required for RX)