3.16.2020 – 3.21.2020


We spent a considerable amount of time thinking about this decision.  We understand that closing the gym is disruptive to your routines, and we sincerely apologize.  This choice could also end up affecting us negatively depending on how it’s received. 

Even still, we feel like this is right choice in the long run for our members, our community, and our society as a whole. 

In an attempt to help you stay on track, we’ll post workouts that can be performed outside of the gym with minimal equipment.  We’d love to see you scores so send them over if you do them.  Also, if these don’t appeal to you then YouTube has a ton of at home workouts so check them out.

Monday: 3.16.2020

Equipment needed
-Possibly a mat, towel, or soft surface

Warm up

10-20-30-20-10 Reps of
Air squats (to increase difficulty, perform jump squats, hold extra weight, or just go faster)
Push ups

I wanted to start off with something super accessible so that there was no excuse to skip it.  You can do this at home and be wrapped up in less than 20 minutes.  Cut out the second set of 20’s and 10’s if you’re dying after the 30’s. 


Tuesday: 3.17.2020

Equipment needed
-Possibly a mat, towel, or soft surface
-Smooth flooring (tile + socks, sliders, cardboard maybe?)
-Stopwatch or other visual timer

Warm up
-2:00 cardio (jog, slow burpees, jumping rope, etc)
This routine

3 Giant sets
10 Side plank crunches on the left side(elbow = easier, hand = harder), hold for up to 5 seconds at the top to make these more difficult
Up to 1:00 side plank hold on the left side (elbow = easier, hand = harder, star = hardest)
10 Side plank crunches on the right side
Up to 1:00 side plank hold on the right side
20 Slider mountain climbers per leg (butt bobbing up and down = easier, butt staying level with shoulders = harder)
10 V-ups
Up to 1:00 hollow rocks (knees hugged to chest = easier, arms and legs extended up toward ceiling = harder, arms and legs extended = hardest)

Cool down
5+ minute cardio

A giant set is completed with minimal rest between each movement.  Start the clock then move through from top to bottom.  Take a 2-4 minute rest after each set as needed.

This is basically all core, enjoy!


Wednesday: 3.18.2020

Equipment needed
– Jump rope (or sub jumping jacks for jumping rope)
-Two 1 gallon water jugs to be used as dumbbells (or use dumbbells if you’ve got access)

Warm up, 3 rounds of
-200m run (or time yourself jogging for 30 seconds, then turn around and come back)
Runner’s warm up

One the minute for 12 minutes (3 Rounds of each)
Minutes 0, 4, 8: 200m Run
Minutes 1, 5, 9: 8 Thrusters
Minutes 2, 6, 10: 6 Devil’s press
Minutes 3, 7, 11: 40 Double unders
Then, one round for time (optional)
200m Run
8 Thrusters
6 Devil’s press
40 Double unders


Thursday: 3.19.2020

Equipment needed
-Two 1 gallon water jugs to be used as dumbbells (or use dumbbells if you’ve got access)

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps of
Bicep curls (slow reps down if the weight is too light)
Close grip push ups with elbows in tight
Lateral raises

This is meant to be a bit of pump-session.  The 10’s-8’s should be pretty tough to finish.


Friday: 3.20.2020

Equipment needed
-A single 1 gallon water jug

3 Rounds for time of
30 Alternating lunge steps, 15 per leg in place or walking are both acceptable
20 Weighted sit ups, using 1 gallon of water
10 Burpees


Saturday: 3.21.2020


Phoenix is a hiker’s playground so get outside and take advantage!