12.16.19 – 12.21.19

Monday: 12.16.19


Handstand skill work
Pike push up (feet on floor, feet elevated)
Kip to lockout, facing wall
Kip to lockout, facing away from wall partial ROM with head elevated
Kip to lockout, full ROM


20 minute amrap of:
2 Ring muscle ups
4 Handstand push ups
8 American kettlebell swings 70/55#

Tuesday: 12.17.19


1x Front squat + 1x Split jerk
In 15 minutes or less, work to the heaviest weight possible with good form on this complex.  Work from a rack.


4 rounds for time, in groups of three, of:
10/7 Cals on air bike
10 Shoulder to overhead 95/65# from the floor

This is intended to be a sprint, light and fast.  The weight on the shoulder to overhead should be light enough to go unbroken on each round, and touch-n-go if at all possible.  This should certainly be less than 70% of the front squat+jerk complex from earlier.

Groups will move through this workout in an assembly line format.  The first partner to start will be the first to finish and the last partner to start will be the last to finish.  Partners may not move to the next station until the the partner in front of them is finished.  Since there are three partners and only two stations, at least one partner will always be resting.

Wednesday: 12.18.19


Rope climb skill work


5 Rounds for time of:
2 Rope climbs 15′
10 Back squats 135/85#, from the floor
200/150m Row

Thursday: 12.19.19


2x Squat clean
In 8 minutes or less, work quickly to a heavy squat clean double.   This shouldn’t be touch-n-go, but don’t go taking a nap between reps.  A good rule of thumb is that both reps should be able to fit on an Instagram video before the 1:00 update (0:15 seconds or less).


2016 Regionals Event 1
Substitute squat cleans for squat snatches

For time:
10 Squat snatch cleans 185/135# by 2:00
8 Squat snatch cleans 205/145# by 4:00
6 Squat snatch cleans 225/155# by 6:00
4 Squat snatch cleans 245/165# by 8:00 (or heavy double from earlier, whichever is lighter)
2 Squat snatch cleans 265/175# by 11:00

When choosing weights, start at the set of 4 (second to last set).  Use your weight from the heavy double at the beginning of class and work back/forward to find the rest of the weights. Pay close attention and make sure to finish each set by the time listed.  Record total reps completed (30 possible), the heaviest weight completed and the time that it was completed.

Friday: 12.20.19


30′ Farmer’s walk
In 12 minutes, work to the heaviest weight you can handle without dropping.  Push your limits here, you should probably fail at least one attempt.


90 Seconds for max meters of:
10 Bar dips
40′ Farmer’s walk at around 70% of max from earlier (20 up + 20 back)
Max meter row with remaining time

Repeat for 4 rounds. Rest at least 3 minutes between rounds. Record weight used and total meters across all three rounds.

Saturday: 12.21.19


Three rounds of:
Power snatch 75/55#
Box jump 24/20″
Thruster 75/55#
Chest to bar Pull-ups

 has the same format as Fight Gone Bad. In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of “rotate,” you must move to next station immediately.  Record total reps through all five movements through all five rounds.